decision 19/20 may 2017 by ttciws

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decision 19/20 may 2017 by ttciws

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decision 19/20 may 2017 by ttciws--

work only all operation and all work
1- work phones , unlock-repair imei--frp only on cracks -free tools
2- work since 2018 inchalah on soft phones-pc all soft / sat : no repair - only soft receivers and all soft electronics
3- inchalah buy new material info -pc --some tools,accesories phones, battery...
4-shop keeper electronics - repair phones/pc -software
5-study more software repair tricks -tutorials-tools
6- more contact with forums ,web sites,blogs , institution tech repair phones,participation for friends need help repair
7- find more new latest cracked boxs to unlock and repair phones --free tools/softwares

by ttciws


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